5 reasons why people love cupcakes

Cupcakes are made for every occasion. Whether it’s birthdays, anniversary, Halloween, valentine’s day or any other special day, cupcake on the menu makes the celebration even better. Her are five reasons why people love cupcakes.

The things on top

People love the creativity that the bakers display on top by frosting. They use buttercreams in various colors and flavors, different toppings including sprinkles, chocolate curls, etc. Dolls and mini action figures are also placed on top.

Things that are inside

You will find different cake mixes inside from plain cake mix to mixes with spices and nuts. Ther are peanut butter, red velvet, cheesecake, etc. as well. Bakers even inject baked cupcakes with cream fillings, jams, and frosting.

Lovely presentations

Tons of designs and colors of foil liners are sold in grocery and craft stores. You will also find holders for the cupcakes. They are now a centerpiece of many dessert tables.


Kids love cupcakes. They are perfect for the small hands, and they love to decorate them with their moms at home. They love cupcakes for all occasions.

Travel treat

When you are traveling somewhere, you can carry cupcakes with you. You will find handy cupcake carriers in shops. You should be careful that you don’t mess up with the frosting. During travel, it’s better to carry cupcakes that have minimum frosting.

The demand for cupcakes will never be over. You will now find many specialized cupcake shops in your town. The more unique cupcake these shops sell, the more popular they are.

Infographic by: chef2chef.net